Meeting Time and Location

Unless otherwise indicated, regular Club Meetings are held on the First and Third Friday of each month at at Charley's Restaurant, 707 Graves Mill Road, Lynchburg. Meetings begin at 12:00 noon. Board meetings convene at 5:30 p.m. the last Tuesday of each month. Check the latest issue of "The Exchange Grapevine" (below) for meeting location.

Current Members

Tamara Allen

John Bolton

Branden Bosch

Phillip Brown

David Burch

Richard Byrne

Claude Carmack

Jim Christin

Whit Clark, Jr.

Linda Cole

Ben Copeland

Tom Craven

Lynne Creasy

Thomas Creasy

Thomas Creegan

Bonnie Crews

Patsy Cunningham

Frank Currier

R. Jake Dawson

Ken Edwards, Jr.

Gene Gallagher

Michael Gaydas

Bonnie Gentry

Ronald Gillispie

Tom Good

Mike Hammer

Susan Hamilton

Samuel Hubbard, Jr.

Harry Hughes

Carolyn Jacques

Larry Janow

Keith Johnson

Melvin Long

Lisa Martin-Godsey

Tammy Mikkelson

Dennis Mryglot

Patrick Neff

Svetla Nikolova-Weaver

Frederick Norvelle

Cecil Puckette

Richard Pugh

Jennifer Richardson

Mark Rolfes

Jon Rosin

Joan Silver

Ronnie Sitler

Donald Sloan

Michael Spencer

Michael Staley

M. Barry Stephens

Allison Stronza

Stephanie Suter

Leon Thomas

M. Edward Tinsley

Timothy Trent

Andrew Vest

Shirley Vest

Charles White

Franklin Whitten

Paul Whitten

John Williams

Eugene Wingfield



Mike Spencer - President

Lynne Creasy - Immediate Past President

Mike Staley - President Elect

Stephanie Suter - Secretary

Joan Silver - Treasurer

Board of Directors


John Bolton

Carolyn Jacques

Jennifer Richardson

Board of Directors


Dave Burch

Linda Cole

Mike Spencer

Committee Chairpersons

Americanism - Mike Spencer

Child Abuse Prevention - Dave Burch

Club Awards - Mike Spencer and Mike Staley

Club Roster and By-Laws - Phil Brown and Dick Byrne

Community Service - Lynne Creasy 

Membership and Attendance - Joan Silver

Pancake Jamboree - Mike Staley

Programs - Dave Burch

Public Relations - Barry Stephens

Public Safety - Eugene Wingfield

Service to Youth - Mike Spencer

Youth of the Month - Linda Cole

District Leadership

Mike Spencer — Colonial District Division 1 Director

Current Newsletter

Exchangite of the Year

Linda Cole

As a club we are very blessed to have members like Linda Cole to honor with this award in our club. Her dedication to our club and our community are to be admired. Whenever there is a project or event the club is participating in, Linda is there! 

It is so very hard to list all the activities Linda has participated in the short time with our club, which is five and one-half years.  We know for sure we can always count on her. Whether it’s ringing the bell for Salvation Army, fingerprinting children, helping at the Daily Bread monthly, serving with our leadership on the board, or setting an example for us with all with her hard work — all day long — at the Pancake Jamboree. 

She had a distinguished career in education, exemplifying the importance of our youth. She uses her gifts to recognize youths by chairing the Youth of the Month committee and the Terrell Mosely award.

Another organization Linda is passionate about is Neighbors Helping Neighbors in her community, where she volunteers several times a month.

Above, Lynne Creasy presents Linda Cole with the 2018 Exchangite of the Year Award.