Meeting Time and Location

Unless otherwise indicated, regular Club Meetings are held on the First and Third Friday of each month at at Charley's Restaurant, 707 Graves Mill Road, Lynchburg. Meetings begin at 12:00 noon. Board meetings convene at 5:30 p.m. the last Tuesday of each month. Check the latest issue of "The Exchange Grapevine" (below) for meeting location.

Current Members

Tamara Allen

John Bolton

Branden Bosch

Phillip Brown

David Burch

Richard Byrne

Claude Carmack

Jim Christin

Whit Clark, Jr.

Linda Cole

Ben Copeland

Stephanie Copeland

Tom Craven

Lynne Creasy

Thomas Creasy

Thomas Creegan

Bonnie Crews

Patsy Cunningham

Frank Currier

R. Jake Dawson

Ken Edwards, Jr.

Michael Gaydas

Mike Hammer

Susan Hamilton

Samuel Hubbard, Jr.

Harry Hughes

Carolyn Jacques

Larry Janow

Melvin Long

Lisa Martin-Godsey

Patrick Neff

Frederick Norvelle

Richard Pugh

Jennifer Richardson

Jon Rosin

Joan Silver

Donald Sloan

Michael Spencer

Michael Staley

M. Barry Stephens

Allison Stronza

Stephanie Suter

Leon Thomas

M. Edward Tinsley

Andrew Vest

Shirley Vest

Charles White

John White

Paul Whitten

John Williams

Eugene Wingfield

Michael Wise



Mike Staley - President

Mike Spencer - Immediate Past President

Stephanie Suter - Secretary

Joan Silver - Treasurer

Board of Directors


John Bolton

Dave Burch

Carolyn Jacques

Board of Directors


Don Sloan

Leon Thomas

Eugene Wingfield

Committee Chairpersons

Budget - Joan Silver

Child Abuse Prevention - Dave Burch

Club Awards - Mike Staley

Community Service - Lynne Creasy 

Pancake Jamboree - Mike Staley (canceled for 2020)

Programs - Carolyn Jacques and Stephanie Suter

Youth - LInda Cole and Mike Spencer

District Leadership

Lynne Creasy - Virginia District President

Current Newsletter

Exchangite of the Year

Ed Tinsley

In December of 2019, Ed Tinsley was awarded the distinction of Exchangite of the Year. Ed has been a member of our club since 2007 and he has been a loyal and dependable member since joining. For several years Ed has had 100 percent attendance and he has participated in well over 80 percent of club activities. Ed is one of our most avid members; whenever you approach him to ask for assistance in any way he is always willing to help.

At the age of 18, Ed enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served honorably for 3 years. After leaving the Marine Corps, Ed joined the Virginia State Police, where he dedicated 48 years to protecting and serving the citizens of Virginia. Ed holds a record with the Virginia State Police for his years of service.

His service as an Exchangite has been nothing short of extraordinary. Ed never shies away form any of our programs of service. He is an integral part of our annual Pancake Jamboree fundraiser. He spends numerous hours making sure that tickets are distributed to all club members and businesses in the community. He always assists with the two days of setup as well as the day of the event and take down the day after the event. He has participated in our club's Americanism, Community Service and Prevention of Child Abuse programs. In the area of Americanism, Ed has served by handing out flags as part of the "GiveAKidAFlagToWave" project on numerous occasions. He has served as an escort on several of our veterans' trips to Washington D.C. Each year our club installs a Freedom Shrine in one of our local schools, and Ed is consistently supporting the event.

Ed has also served on our Community Service Committee for several years. He is the club's handyman, and when things need to be fixed or built he is our "go to" guy. He took on the job of building boxes to store our pancake grills, providing all of the materials and manhours for this project. Ed has volunteered to help do yard work. spread mulch, stain wheelchair ramps, and paint just to name a few of our projects. He is also very active in feeding the homeless at our local Daily Bread. He always ensures that any of our leftover supplies from our Pancake Jamboree are taken to the Daily Bread to assist their program. Ed is very active in our club's Child Abuse Prevention Program by distributing information at our Child ID events and spending time assisting our local CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) organization.