Exchange Club spends countless hours and resources to improve the lives of people in the community we serve. Exchange's community service projects meet diverse local needs. These activities are broad in scope and are designed to benefit every member of the community. Some examples are: Child Fingerprinting, Day of Service, Book of Golden Deeds Award, and the Ralph Frank Award.
Ralph Frank Memorial Award

The Exchange Club of Lynchburg annually recognizes public safety officers with the Ralph Frank Memorial Public Safety Award.

All-American Volunteer Award

American Volunteer Award
Book of Golden Deeds Award

2019 Book of Golden Deeds Award Winner

Robert J. Day

Volunteer efforts are very important to our society and should not go unnoticed. The Exchange Club's longest running — and most prestigious — project is the Book of Golden Deeds Award. This award recognizes dedicated volunteers who give endless hours of their time and talents toward making their communities better places to live.

Honoring a fellow citizen with the Book of Golden Deeds Award is a heartwarming and inspiring act not only for the honoree, but for the Exchange Club. The Book of Golden Deeds Award exemplifies the Exchange Club's beliefs.

2019 Book of Golden Deeds Award Winner — Robert J. Day, CEO, Patrick Henry Family Services

Robert's childhood of poverty and abuse included more than 35 homes before his unlikely graduation from high school. Today, through God's grace, and with two Master's Degrees in hand, Robert's life work is dedicated to keeping children safe and families strong. Robert's inspiring testimony, together with his unique and timely perspective, has made him a sought-after speaker for conferences, churches, civic audiences, and beyond.

Rober is the author of two books, Worst of Mothers…Best of Moms, and Desperately Healed…My Journey to Wholeness. These tell his story of a tumultuous childhood, and the arduous process of healing as an adult. Born to a teenage mother, who was herself a ward of the state, Robert survived abject poverty, neglect, and abuse; but, in the end, this is a story of God's infinite grace and mercy, and how He uses our pasts for HIs purpose.

In addition to his testimony, Robert loves to speak on issues of Child Welfare (particularly the history of the orphanage movement), Overcoming Poverty, and the process of Social and Organizational Change.

Robert has been the CEO of Patrick Henry Family Services since 2010. His Master's Degrees are in Social Work and Divinity. He has been married to his wife, Karen, for thirty-seven years and they have four adult children. He has spent most of his professional life in Child Welfare-related jobs and pastoring local churches.

Volunteering in the Community

Dave Burch Assists with Cleanup

Exchange Club members volunteer once per month at The Daily Bread, one of Lynchburg's charitable organizations that provide hot meals to those in need.

Rush Homes Project

Rush Homes CleanupThe Exchange Club of Lynchburg's Rush Homes

team stands in front of their recently

completed landscaping project

Rush Homes is a non-profit organization that provides affordable and accessible rental housing opportunities to people with disabilities and how incomes in the greater Lynchburg region. The Exchange Club formed a partnership with Rush Homes, and on a quarterly basis they visit their adopted home and perform outside maintenance activities such as mowing the grass, putting down mulch, weeding flower beds, and power washing the home's exterior.

In Rush Homes' "Home of Your Own" Program, people with all types of disabilities are provided with housing opportunities. In this program, the resident chooses where he or she wishes to live. Unlike a group home or nursing home, they decide who lives with them and where their furniture is placed. Rush Homes does not provide services to residents in this program; if assistance such as home health care or companion care is needed, it must be arranged with a private provider prior to moving into the home.

Rush Homes acts as a concerned advocate landlord. The homes are located in residential neighborhoods and look just like any other home. They are on or near a bus line and, if possible, close to shopping centers and restaurants. Rush Homes purchases, renovates, and maintains the home while the resident pays an affordable rent.

For Kids Sake Safety Day

Child SafetyBike helmet protection is one of many topics 

during For Kids Sake Safety Day

For Kids Sake Safety Day is held every year, typically on a Saturday in Setember, with the sole purpose of educating children and their parents about safety. Traffic safety is a big part of this event, but there are also fun things for kids to do while learning.

This valuable event has been sponsored and coordinated by the Campbell County Sheriff's Office, Amherst County Sheriff's Office, Lynchburg Police Department, City of Lynchburg Sheriff's Office, Virginia State Police, and the Lynchburg Fire Department.

Numerous activities are typically planned, including bicycle safety awareness, car seat inspection, installation and turn-in, DUI goggles and driving simulator, K-9 demonstrations, "McGruff" and "Eddie Eagle," child ID cards, SWAT vehicle, armored vehicle, fire safety trailer, air bag demonstration, project lifesaver demonstration, car extrication, and interactive crash display.

Salvation Army Kettle Campaign

Salvation Army

For years, Exchange Club of Lynchburg members have volunteered to assist with the Salvation Army's Kettle Campaign during the Christmas season. Members have assisted at various Kroger Food Store locations as well as at Sam's Club.