Exchange believes that recognition of a well-deserving youth can have an impact on his or her entire future. Youth activities are designed to benefit, reward, and develop the young people of our country. Some examples are: Youth of the Month/Year Award, A.C.E. Award, and the Terrell E. Moseley Scholarship Award. The Exchange Club also seeks to establish Excel Clubs in high schools and Collegiate Clubs in colleges, designed to provide mentoring as a means of teaching leadership and civic responsibility.
Youth of the Month/Year Award

One of the most popular Exchange youth projects, the Youth of the Month/Year Award, recognizes hard-working high school students who attain high levels of scholastic achievement, community involvement and leadership. This proven program not only rewards outstanding young people, but also provides an incentive for other youngsters to strive for equally high levels of achievement. This monthly program also enhances career opportunities for those honored, promotes good citizenship, creates a desire for greater scholastic achievement, and aids in the development of well-rounded personalities.

Selection of the Youth of the Year is made from our club's Youth of the Month recipients for that school year. Our Youth of the Year advances to district competition, and ultimately, an opportunity to vie for the prestigious National Youth of the Year Award.

Exchange Club of Lynchburg Youth of the Year Winners include:

2020/2021:  Carly Hudnall, Rustburgh High School

2019/2020:  Kennedy Campbell, Amherst County High School

2018/2019:  Aaron Bailey, Rustburgh High School

2017/2018:  Autumn Smith, Rustburg HIgh School

2016/2017:  Angel Monroe, Rustburg High School

2015/2016:  Megan Horsley, Jefferson Forest High School

2014/2015:  Leah Ayua, Amherst County High School

2013/2014:  Sandeep Murthy, Jefferson Forest High School

2012/2013:  Jessica May, Brookville High School

2011/2012:  Vondrea McCoy, Heritage High School

2010/2011:  Addison Walker, E.C. Glass High School

A.C.E. Award

A.C.E. stands for Accepting the Challenge of Excellence. This program recognizes high school students who have made a dramatic change in their attitude and performance during their high school years. These changes have enabled the students to overcome adversities and prepare for graduation. The top A.C.E. Award winner of the year moves on to district competition. Winners at the district level then have an opportunity to compete for the National A.C.E. Award.

The A.C.E. Award is a positive program with two key objectives. First, it helps encourage students to overcome their hardships and get back on track toward a high school diploma. Second, the award recognizes those students who are often overlooked for their accomplishments. This special recognition serves as a powerful example to all students that hard work and perseverance really do pay.

Exchange Club of Lynchburg A.C.E. Award Winners of the Year include:

2020/2021:  Josef Bryant, Rustburg High School

2019/2020:  Teeghan Guess, Liberty High School

2017/2018:  Jelina Rivera, Rustburg High School

2016/2017:  Sung Min Cho, Heritage High School

2015/2016:  Emily Lowe, Liberty Christian Academy

2014/2015:  Kyla Tanski, Liberty Christian Academy

2012/2013:  Carolina Zamora-Lopez, E.C. Glass High School

Terrell E. Moseley Scholarship Award

The Terrell E. Moseley Scholarship Award is based on financial need and scholastic achievement. It is a one-time award of $1,000 given to the student, based on their application, who plans to attend an accredited college or university.

The award is named in honor of Terrell E. Moseley, an Exchange Club of Lynchburg member who was inspired to assist children in the community who were in need of financial assistance for higher education.

In 2021, the Club recognized Kameryn O. Woolridge from Amherst High School.

Gene Gallagher Community Service Award

Gene Gallagher

This scholarship is named in honor of Gene Gallagher, a long-time member of the Exchange Club of Lynchburg. This award recognizes an area high school student who has excelled in the area of community service. The candidates is selected from the pool of applicants nominated for the “Youth of the Year” scholarship as well as the “A.C.E. Student of the Year.”

In 2021, the Club recognized Faith S Smith from Rustburg High School.